15 Basic Digital Marketing Interview Questions

15 Basic Digital Marketing Interview Questions

 Why online marketing is more preferred than offline marketing?

People shift their requirements from offline to online marketing. Now they opt for digital marketing as it comes with many benefits. Web development, SEO and hosting are some important platforms for online marketing. On the other hand, with technology development, most of the people listening to the radio, reading newspapers or watching TV goes on. 

How bad links are characterized?

Bad links have some characteristics : 

  • Links from link exchanges 
  • Low Pagerank and low traffic links.
  • Paid links.
  • Blogs or articles spammy links.
  • Website links that are not related to your site.
  • Links from those sites that are not Google index.

Interview Questions

 What are the different ways to promote digital marketing you know?

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing

What are some ways to get natural backlinks to your website?

For a newly launched website, the chances are almost zero for getting fast and natural links. 

To get natural backlinks, OFF-Page SEO where you can get many quality backlinks which also helps to rank the website. The one common method to get natural backlinks is to write as a guest on reputed sites in a niche. While you write don’t do it for getting instant links instead you write for more than one time, but do it only on a reputed website.

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What are some digital marketing tools?

  • Alexa Ranking 
  • Rank Watch
  • Moz
  • Keyword Planner
  • StumbleUpon 
  • Digital Point Keyword Tracker
  • Google Analytics 
  • Crazy egg Heatmaps 
  • Favicon Generator 
  • Submit Express Link Popularity
  • XML Sitemap Generator 

What is a responsive website?

A site that is capable of adjusting its layout according to the orientation and viewport size of the device.

The content that is presented on the small screens and big screens appear the same but with a different layout. That offers an excellent experience over the display size.

Name some channels that promote digital marketing?

  • Email Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Affiliated Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Search Marketing 
  • Online PR
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Video Advertising

What are some areas where keyword used to optimize website ranking?

For higher page ranking, keyword placement matters a lot. The areas you put keywords are: 

  • Website URL 
  • Meta tag
  • Website Title
  • Web Page Content
  • Headings

Which is the best form of marketing: SEO, PPC or Digital Marketing?

SEO and PPC are part of Digital Marketing. SEO, PPC, content marketing and Display media are tricks used to achieve goals like productivity, etc. You can’t do SEO or PPC without a content marketing strategy.

What are Do-follow and No-follow links?

By default, all the links are do-follow unless they are altered to be no-follow links.

No-follow links are used to hide website links from search engines. And do-follow links are those links that allow search engine bots to index the link.

What are broken links and reasons for the broken links?

Broken links are also known as dead links. This kind of links are no longer helpful because the website is encountering one or more of the reasons below:

  • An improper URL entered for the link.
  • A destination website removed the linked webpage.

What are the site map and its use?

The Sitemaps protocol grants a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website that are available for crawling. 

This allows the search engines to crawl the site more efficiently and to find URLs that may be linked from the rest of the site’s content. 

 What are robots.txt and uses?

Robots.txt files are known as exclusion protocol and standard. It is a Text file that tells web robots which page on your site to crawl and which page not to crawl.  

What are the different types of SEO?

SEO can be classified into two parts :

  1. Black Hat SEO
  2. White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO as the name refers is illegitimate and against the guidelines provided by Google and Google’s algorithms. 

Whereas White Hat SEO considered the most legitimate practices to get higher rankings in the search engine result pages.

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Holi celebration at CBitss Technologies

Holi is a Hindu spring festival, also known as the festival of colours, when people smear each other with colours.It is celebrated by Hindus in India and Nepal, but in recent years, this festival has become increasingly popular among non-Hindus, as well as in the rest of the world in many parts of South Asia. Please take a look at our photo gallery of the Holi celebrations at CBitss Technologies. Holi celebration at CBitss Technologies Students of CBitss Technologies celebrated Holi with lot of joy and happiness throughout the Labs & Office corridor. Celebrating Holi, with Flowers is an awesome idea which is loved by all

It is unique concept which fill all with positive energy. Holi is festival of colours was given a peaceful mishmash with organic colours and floral petals of beautiful essence and hues at the Institution. It was a divine and an exhilarating experience for everyone who participated in the feast for the soul and the senses. The celebrations were reiteration of the idea for everyone to play a safe and environment friendly Holi and to say no to toxic colours which are harmful for skin and overall health for natural existence.The function began with lamp lighting & spiritual prayer.

Mr Navneet Sharma Director of CBitss Technologies gave the message to the students for celebration of safe Holi. He informed the students that Holi is celebrated all over India to mark triumph of goodness & virtue over the evil designs.

Students danced on the tunes of famous Holi numbers. Trainers informed the students about the precautions to be taken while playing Holi. They were also encouraged to play dry Holi to save water.

Women’s Day celebration at CBitss Technologies

International Women’s Day 2019: International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world so that they can celebrate their social, political, cultural, economic achievements and enjoy their important contribution in society. Adopted by the UN in 1977, is celebrated on March 8 every year as International Women’s Day. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT

Today staff & students at CBitss Technologies, came together to celebrate International Women’s Day. The program starts with the speech on women’s empowerment including topics like women’s health, work and education.After this motivational speech its time for some fun activities like Damsharas, Dance, Blindfold & more in which all participated together and enjoyed a lot.After all the fun stuff Scholarship of Rupees 25,000 has been distributed to some of the best performers participated in events.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Scholarship Distribution

International Women’s Day emerged from the activities of labor movements on the turn of the twentieth century in North America and Europe for the first time. The United Nations adopted this day as International Women’s Day, before it was seen by socialist and communist countries. This day was initially celebrated as International Working Women’s Day and it is believed that it was organized in 1909 in a socialist-political program in New York City.


WOMEN EMPOWERMENT at CBitss Technologies

Malware Protection on Linux Servers

Malware Protection on Linux Servers is high Linux-based servers much of the time collaborate with customers running other operating system, for example, Microsoft, Windows. They store and serve files made on and for those platform. In the meantime, the expanding popularity of the Linux platform has brought about the development of viruses and other malware explicitly focusing on Linux servers. With Linux currently representing to 15-20% of the overall server market and developing, these assaults are becoming more frequent and progressively extreme. Along these lines, securing Linux-based servers from hosting infected file is basic for any enterprise.

linux training in Chandigarh
linux training in Chandigarh at CBitss Technologies SCO 23-24-25 Sector 34 A

Trend Micro ServerProtect for Linux 3.0 offers thorough constant security for enterprise web-servers and file servers, keeping them from spreading viruses, spyware, and other Web thread to inward or outside endpoints. Overseen through an instinctive portable Web-based comfort, ServerProtect gives brought together virus /malware examining, pattern updates, event reporting and configuration. The arrangement stability and dependability is confirm by certification from all real Linux sellers and in addition independent third parties, for example, Virus Bulletin. ServerProtect for Linux is a key part in the comprehensive threat prevention offered by Trend Micro™ Enterprise Protection Strategy.


Protection Points

  • Linux file servers
  • Virtualized endpoints
  • Linux Web and application servers

Threat Protection

  • Viruses
  • Spyware

Key features

Powerful Antivirus and Spyware Protection

  • Scans, detects and removes viruses in real time
  • Presently with improved spyware detection and removal capability
  • Virus Bulletin (VB) certified scan engine for reliable scanning

Higher Performance and Flexibility

  • Real-time, on-demand, and planned examining utilizes most recent multi-threaded scanning engines for most performance while kernel-level checking limits performance degeneration.
  • Customizable CPU usage amid output process enables users to adjust performance impact and scanning time
  • Kernel Hook Module (KHM) is currently open to General Public License to enable customers to recompile to fit to their own modified kernel variations

Antivirus Policy Compliance

  • Enables antivirus policy requirement and further update distribution through automatic updates of virus pattern and scan engines.
  • Enables administrator to remain advised of virus or program occasions through email notices and SNMP traps

Centralized Management and Reporting

  • Consistent combination with Trend Micro Control Manager™, centralized threat management console
  • Enables central management information, policy deployment, pattern file and scan engine deployment, and central management of reports on policy implementation
  • Automatic component reduces maintenance efforts through updates

Key benefits

  • Key part of extensive threat protection across contrary networks
  • Delivers high performance with kernel level, multi-threaded scanning
  • assure consent with corporate antivirus policies
  • Simplifies authority through central management and reporting

By:linux training in Chandigarh

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization training in Chandigarh

Search Engine optimization is a set of rules that website (or blog) owners can follow to optimize their search engine sites to improve their search engine rankings. In addition, it’s a great way to increase the quality of your website by making it easier to use, easier to navigate and faster. SEO can also be seen as a framework because the entire process has many rules (or guidelines), some stages and a set of controls.

Why search engine optimization is better than the traditional market?

Through SEO we can reach out to maximum people globally. But in traditional marketing, there is a very limited Audience.
In SEO we use targeted or client specific marketing. on other hands traditional marketing don’t have a specific target.
Whereas SEO marketing is not expensive. Traditional marketing is too expenses.
SEO marketing gives long time results. but tradition marketing has short-time results.
SEO marketing definitely give you positive results. If we are talking about the Return of Investment, there is no guarantee in traditional marketing


Importance of search engine optimization

SEO training course in Chandigarh


In today’s highly competitive market, SEO marketing is more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users daily to find answers to their questions or to find solutions to their problems. If you have a website, blog and online store, search engine optimization can help you to grow your business and achieve your business goals.

  1. Targets Quality Traffic:- One of the biggest advantages of SEO is that it is an in-house marketing strategy. At the heart of the inbound approach is to make it easy for your audience to find you when you need it. Then, when users are ready to spend time searching your business or learning more about their options for a particular product, they can find you on their own. Not only is this more convenient for consumers, but it also brings more qualified prospects to your business. When you focus on attracting users who are actively searching for the industry, product, and service information, it will be more effective to reach your target audience.
  2. Take Your Business to the Next Level:- SEO can make it thousands and thousands of visitors to your website a day. This may put your company in a position that needs to be expanded to a larger web server to accommodate traffic and sales to your website. Your customers might recommend a product or service they were looking for when they visited your website. Search engine optimization is a great investment for your company and can be what you need to move it to the next level.
  3. Unlimited increase in traffic:- With analytics and reporting tools, you’ll see a clear drop in traffic. This is a specific way to maximize your business efforts. SEO will give you results (not immediately but quickly) Once you start SEO efforts, your traffic will increase at a steady rate. With tools to track traffic to your site, you can see if there are more people visiting your website and selling through the roof.
  4. You can go ahead with the competition:- Today, SEO is widely regarded as an essential element of any marketing strategy. Most marketers think that improving their SEO and improving their online presence is a priority. Using your SEO strategy, you can keep up – and move perfectly – to remain competitive in your field.
  5. Results are Permanent:- SEO advertisements the effects are Permanent. You don’t have Need to Pay in search engine optimization.

Where one should work after search engine optimization training.

  1. Start your own business as an Entrepreneur
  2. Work on Individual projects
  3. Earn from AdSense
  4. Work for A Company
  5. Work as a freelancer

Benefits of web designing training course

In the present modern era, basic knowledge of computers in not enough, but it is important the one should also have knowledge of World Wide Web. Everyday number of websites and blogs are launched?If you are a person who wants to launch their business on the Internet and want to use the website for marketing purposes, then you will be able to avail the maximum benefits of web designing training course.

Benefits of Web designing training course in Chandigarh
Web designing training course in Chandigarh at CBitss Technologies learn how to create responsive websites .

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Why Linux Best Programming Platform

Linux has long had a position for being a place for programmers and nerds. We’ve composed broadly about how the operating system is extraordinary for everybody from students to specialists, however indeed, Linux is an incredible stage for programming. Regardless of whether you’re considering the open ethos or the general environment, there are many reasons to consider making Linux your home for composing code.You may consider obtaining some new programming for making a back for school, yet have you contemplated attempting another operating system? Why linux best programming platform — here’s the reason.

Why linux best programming Platform
Why linux best programming Platform explained by linux training Chandigarh

Linux is Free

It doesn’t cost you any cash to download and install a Linux operating system. That is incredible whether you’re a specialist, a students, or somebody beginning on a profession as a software or programmer. You don’t need to fork over cash you don’t yet have. All you require is a Linux-good computer, and there’s a solid probability that you as of now do. I’ve figured out how to construct a career writing online, utilizing only a Linux computer. Give me a chance to demonstrate Why linux best programming Platform to you & how you can utilize Linux to deal with your expert life, from overseeing accounts to discovering customers. Not exclusively will Linux cost no cash, neither will most of the software. You can get the devices you require, regardless of whether those are for programming or creating documents, without having to worry over what’s in your financial balance.

Linux is Easy to Install

A great many people never install a operating system. They may not have an idea of what one is. This makes the idea of Installing Linux that a lot harder to get a handle on. In any case, you’re a programmers. You can easily figure out how to search for a Linux operating system, grab an ISO, and compose it to a USB drive. You have no issue pressing the essential function key amid boot and exploring the on-screen prompts that pursue. When you’ve booted up a live USB drive, installing Linux isn’t too not the same as installing a program in Windows. There’s continually going to be contentions about which Linux operating system is “better”. Generally speaking, Linux gives a decent affair, paying little mind to how you run it. How about we take a those similarities- and praise them! Furthermore in the event that you need to keep your current operating system, you generally have the option to double boot. Regularly, settling on the decision of installing Linux over Windows can be tricky to justify. In any case, why not pick both? Here are five reasons to double boot and two reasons you shouldn’t.

You’re Free to Tinker

Linux offers the perfect place to put your abilities to the test. You can get to the source code to any part of your operating system, from the graphical interface down to the kernel. Linux is an incredible decision for programming, as it’s anything but difficult to install support for all intents and purposes any language you can consider. Writing computer programs is just made easier on Linux thats Why linux best programming platform. A large portion of it won’t sound good to you, regardless of how much experience you have. In any case, having the opportunity to dive in and experiment is an extraordinary method to learn, and with Linux, you don’t need to stress over running into any legal trouble when you do. By far most of programming won’t request that you consent to an end client permit agreement. Open source licenses to a great deal with utilizing the code to make your own applications, with some stipulating that your program should likewise be free and open source.

There’s Support for Most Programming Languages

Need to write in C, C ++, CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP, Ruby, or Vala? Linux supports each of them, and goes to the Rundown. Without a doubt, you will hit a few barriers. Visual Basic just support Windows, however you can utilize Apple’s Swift. By and large, if a programming language isn’t restricted to an explicit operating system, it likely works on Linux. On the off chance that a language that you’d like to utilize isn’t as of now install as a matter of course, you can regularly get the packages from your distribution’s repositories. Scan your default package manager for the name of the language, and something you need ought to show up. Windows clients are being guided to an application store. macOS has had one for some time. Linux, in the meantime, has had an application store-style understanding for quite a long time this is Why linux best programming platform. However, which one is ideal for you?

Pick From a Large Range of Applications

The popular image of a programmers includes sitting before a black computer screen loaded up with white or green content. You can compose code that way, or you can start up a text editor. Default choices, for example, Gedit and Kate might be all you require. Emacs, nano, and Vim are alternatives you can use within a terminal. Atom is a cross-stage alternative that is as extensible as Chrome. Or on the other hand you might be one of the numerous to begin to look all starry eyed at Sublime Text. Any Linux users will reveal to you that a decent text editor an imperative part of a computer system, regardless of in case you’re another user’s or a seasoned pro. While utilizing a Terminal text. On the other hand, you can go for out and out integrated desktop conditions, or IDEs. On the to a extremely light side, there’s Geany, which will undoubtedly stack rapidly on your machine. For something offering a more fuller experience, attempt Eclipse. Picking between a progressed IDE and a simpler text editor tool can be hard. We offer some understanding to enable you to settle on that decision.

Feel the Power of Bash Scripting

In case you’re simply programming to get something explicit achieved however couldn’t care less about the language, it’s an ideal opportunity to learn Linux commands and attempt your hand at composing Bash contents. A significant number of the commands that comes with Linux (or that can be installed) are so efficient and powerful that some Linux users like to live in the terminal. With slam scripting, you can complete a complex series of assignments in a single speedy go so it’s extraordinary for elaborate and repetitive requirements. It’s additionally an extraordinary method to know terminal. With a Bash script, you can assemble commands to make increasingly complex mixes. For instance, somebody dealing with a mailing list can make a script that would merge list of subscriber, separate the email addresses, remove duplicates, and include the right designing so the outcome can be perused by different programs. Beyond any doubt beats doing the majority of that by hand.

Linux Expertise is a Desirable Skill

Is it true that you are learning out how to program so as to get job? The way that you’re utilizing Linux is an attractive skills. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with an organization’s server or building the cloud services that customers progressively depend on, employers need individuals that know how to use Linux.

Why linux best programming platform if compared to others

There’s a reason such huge numbers of developer make Linux their home. While some would state that Linux has a deficiency of easy to use friendly desktop programs, that isn’t the situation with software aimed at programmers. You could go so far as to say that they’ve customarily been Linux’s intended interest group. Regardless of whether you as of now have a development environment going, it can’t hurt to reexamine it to see whether Linux better meets your requirements. You may take in a great deal and spare some cash by doing the switch! if you use Linux for programming, what are some different reasons why linux best programming platform Let us know in the comments. By:linux training in Chandigarh


Basic Guide for HTML, CSS, PHP


What are basic HTML, CSS, PHP and what are there uses:

In this article you will learn what HTML, CSS, PHP are and what are your use for you. This is basically a guide for beginners who are interested in learning about HTML, CSS or PHP and want to start learning them. Let us learn it with Php training in Chandigarh. What are your uses for  

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Static Vs Dynamic Websites
  • PHP

1. HTML : The full form of HTML is, Hypertext Markup Language This is a language that is used to create web pages and web applications. Generally HTML is used with other technologies like CSS and Javascript, and then the communication of websites across the world continues through the World Wide Web. There is an HTML document behind almost everything that opens in our web browsers. In other words Web browsers open HTML documents. HTML defines the structure of any one webpage and it determines how it will look in the page.

HTML pages are the building blocks HTML elements. As if you see an image in any web page, the <img> element is used behind it, which is basically called Image Tag in HTML. <P> tag is used for such a basic paragraph. Similarly there are many tags that are used to create the entire webpage. If you have a blog or website that is made on WordPress, then you might not have ever needed to use these tags or coding in HTML yet. This is because WordPress, such as CMS has been built in a way that is useful for non-techy people. But in reality, WordPress also lets people see the input converted by you in HTML. HTML documents have file extensions .html or .htm. But you would say that .html or .htm is not included with all the websites, but they are HTML documents, you will also go about it if you start learning it.

If you did not know anything about HTML before, you might confuse these things right now, but there is no need to worry about you, because now lots of resources are available online about HTML, so that Even beginner can become HTML expert in just a few days.

HTML is basically a standard for Internet, which is the work of W3.org. The rules that they have made are used in HTML based versions as a standard throughout the world. The latest version of HTML is HTML5 now.

2. CSS: CSS is a full-form, Cascading Style Sheets As HTML defines the structure of any web page, CSS is a language that lets you styling any web page. However, with the help of HTML, we can give styling to our web pages but only up to one limit. To make our webpage very good and beautiful, we need to use CSS as well as HTML.

The websites around the world use HTML to define the structure of their webpage and then look good by styling with CSS. CSS is used in three ways, one way is to use the internal CSS by using the <style> tag in the HTML document, another way is to insert inline CSS using the style attribute in any HTML tag or element and the third The way is to create a separate file for CSS and write CSS in it. It is called external CSS stylesheet and it is of extension.css. The advantage of External CSS is that you can apply styling multiple pages at once to multiple HTML pages by implementing the same CSS file.

In CSS you select tags or HTML elements and give them different styles. For example, if you want to change the background color of a paragraph, then select the tag and paste the background color of the CSS into it.

Static Vs Dynamic Websites : Learning Static Vs Dynamic Websites with Php Training in Chandigarh

Before going about PHP, you have to understand the difference between Static and dynamic Websites.

Only the websites created using HTML and CSS will be called static websites, because by using them we create static web pages i.e. the coding we wrote once is fixed and accordingly every time the same thing in the web browser is open it occurs. But there is no need for such websites every time. Often, we need dynamic websites. Dynamic websites are websites that contain content changes according to the user. With WordPress CMS we create dynamic websites only. Dynamic websites often use files from our site as well as a database.

You can understand in static and dynamic fields such that the content of static websites is the same for everyone or they use any type of database. On the other hand, database is used in dynamic websites.

Only HTML and CSS does not help in making a good and secure website. We should have to learn the php. So If you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP you can easily make your website design.

Let us move to php. And learn some about Php.

PHP : This is a scripting language. Helps PHP programmer to increase the capability of the Web page. With the help of PHP, you can do many things like create a username and password, create a login page, check details from any form. You can also create Forms, Picture Gallery, Surveys etc. If you come to a web page that ends in PHP, then it is obvious that the programmer has revived the old HTML.

PHP is a Server-sided Language. That is, PHP is a language that can not be executed on our computer. But it is executed on the computer where the Web page is requested. That is, where the page has been revised, PHP is executed on the same. After this the results are displayed in your browser and you reach. There are some more scripting languages ​​that use Programmer. ASP, Python, Peri are just a few more scripting languages. But you do not have to be aware of PHP for these languages.

PHP code is embedded in HTML code. In addition it can also be used in a combination of web template systems, web content management systems and web frameworks. But PHP code is implemented by PHP interpreter. PHP Interpreter powered by Zend Engine is a free software with PHP License. It is also used as a General Purpose Programming Language. PHP training in Chandigarh You can learn more with us about HTML, PHP, CSS in our next Tutorials with Php training in Chandigarh.  

Career in Web Designing

Make a career in Web Designing and make your dreams come true.. !!

Beginner..???? Join Web Designing Course in Chandigarh

Everyone is a beginner when they start new things. If you think that you are innovative and want to showcase your talent in front of everyone, then website development is one such course. Web designing is a creative outlet for creative minds and your work will be visible online to a versatile audience.

I want to succeed in Web Designing… But How?

A beginner is always looking for answers to the simplest yet interesting question..How do I become successful? There is no secret passageway to achieving one’s dream, but you can surely work smartly to achieve success. Here are a few simple tips with which you can begin your journey to success. 1. Learn Web Designing from a reputed training center- The first and the foremost step is choosing the best tutor to learn this art. Web Designing course in Chandigarh keeps you up-to-date with latest trends and technologies and that too at a very reasonable price.

2. Practice and Practise harder- Learn about different software and languages which will upgrade your web designing skills. Master them by continuously practicing. Training institutes help the students exposed to different live projects which provides a deep insight into the topic. You can learn language like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, Photoshop, Corel etc.

3. Simplicity at its best- Never rush to bring out complicated designs. It is absolutely perfect to start slow and keep your designs simple rather than creating a blunder that you cannot correct. You can try some simple graphic designs using different tools like Photoshop or Corel etc. A customer is usually attracted to the ease of access that your website provides. A simple but an elegant design is always a treat for the eyes.

4. Small yet discoverable Big graphics can give you soaring eyes, while too small may be non-discoverable. Keep your graphics small so that the audience clearly understands the connection of the text with the picture.

5. Clip-Art A website should have user friendly and attractive graphics. It is possible that you may not find any image that may fit perfectly on your website. In such cases, use your innovation and make your own clip-arts gallery. You can use different tools that are easily available to create your customized graphics.

6. A Single theme for a Single Website It is very important that you present the website using a single theme. As it would be very irritating for your customer to navigate through the web pages. The main aim of any website should be providing unique information at ease. And as a web developer, bringing the audience “at ease” is your sole responsibility.

7. Responsive Design Responsive design is a need of the hour. With so many people using mobile phones for surfing the internet, responsive design for your website exposes you to a variety of customers. It gives you immense scope to expand your business.

8. Search Engine Optimization There are a million websites that are currently streaming on the internet and a large number may be dealing in the same business like yours. How can you reach your target audience before your peers? Well, SEO gives you the answer for this. It is important that you make your website search engine friendly using SEO techniques so that you are widely visible on the internet.

9. Browser Compatibility The final step is to make your website compatible with the browser. There are different web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc each having different functions and technical details. Thus compatibility with such browsers will help you showcase your website on a larger platform. These are little steps that you can take as you begin your success story. All the very best..!!!

Preparation for Linux Certification

Starting your preparation for Linux Certification Exam?

The certification program promises to deliver more value for IT professionals in the industry. The professionals are skilled and ready for any situation. Even reputed businesses requests certified Linux professionals.

But before you take any exam, you should first evaluate which exam is suitable for you.

Step 1: Choose the right certification for yourself.

There are so many options available from where you can book for your Linux certification. RedHat , LPI and Oracle are few such options. Each of these organizations has their own set of exams with which they evaluate the caliber of the candidate.

All these exams are accepted globally and are committed to provide with high quality evaluation program that is relevant, highly detailed and too precise.

Step 2: Look for the exam objectives

As there is a big pool of certification programs, choosing among them would definitely require some efforts. You surely would be having an aim before you fill for these exams. So, always choose the best certification exam that suit your aim before you take a plunge in this vast subject.

Looking for the exam objective should be an elemental step before you begin with the preparation. It is solely because these objectives provide insight of the type of questions that come up in the exam.

Step 3: Prepare for your exam

Well, it is entirely your perspective. Some individuals choose self study as an option. There are various online portals that provide free tutorials that may be helpful in the preparation. Many books are entirely devoted to Linux preparation.

While self study works wonder for some, but there are many who consider studying under an expert trainer. Linux training in Chandigarh is an important course provider in the field of Linux training.

  • The trainers are Linux certified professionals and are well versed with the minutest details of the subject. Moreover, there is a huge difference between reading a book and being taught by a person full of experience.
  • An experienced knowledge is never wasted and you can definitely gain an upper hand while working under a guider training regime.
  • There is no need to go through thick books as proper notes are provided during the course.
  • Exposure to practical knowledge acts as a cherry on the top. Theoretical knowledge is important, but to understand it better, Live projects give tremendous opportunity to polish your skills.

No one can define your learning strategy. Always pick the option that suits your caliber and can give you the best results.

Step 4: Schedule your exam

If you are confident enough about your preparation, then schedule your exam. Select the test centers that suits your comfort. There are various test centers to appear for the Linux certification exam.

Rescheduling the exam: Rescheduling of exams is often done when the candidate is not satisfied with his or her marks. But there is more to the exam-retake clause.

If you have filled for an exam that is tagged as “Single-Attempt”, then a free-retake of the exam would not be possible. But, if you have filled for an exam which is free from such tag, then you can attempt a retake of the exam without paying any extra cost. But, this retake should be attempted within a time frame of 12 months.

If you have more queries regarding Linux certification or Linux training in Chandigarh, then feel free to contact our experts. Visit us and get enlightened about this Linux.